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Teeth Whitening In Carlsbad, CA


Teeth Whitening In Carlsbad, CA

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Most people, when asked what they would like to change about their smile, say that they wish it were whiter. Our teeth whitening services at DeAngelis Family Dentistry can provide results while meeting your preferences in terms of convenience. We use the Boost whitening system, which is available as an in-house treatment as well as take- home kits.

In-House Whitening in Carlsbad, CA

The Boost Office system is considerably quicker than other chairside treatments – compared to a one-hour appointment, Boost Office takes about 30 minutes. The treatment consists of the application of a hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth. The mouth is first prepared for the procedure by inserting cheek retractors and cleaning the teeth using a flour-based pumice. The teeth are then dried, and a gingival barrier is applied to protect the gums. The gel is applied using a nozzle and is left on the teeth in a thin layer for eight minutes. It is then suctioned off and reapplied. This is repeated two or three times. After the last application, all of the gel will be suctioned off, and the teeth washed. Once the gingival barrier is removed, you’ll be left with a noticeably whiter smile.

Teeth Whitening Near Carlsbad, CA

Take-Home Kits

To whiten teeth using a take-home kit, the gel (which comes in a selection of strengths) is applied into a tray, which the patient then wears on their teeth. Depending on the type of kit used, the tray should be worn for 15 minutes or through the night. After removing the tray, the teeth should be brushed.

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