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Smile Makeovers In Carlsbad, CA

Smile Makeover In Carlsbad, CA

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For Smile Makeover near you, Deangelis Family dentistry uses state- of-the-art digital and videography technology to analyze a patient’s dental and facial structure. Using this information, we are able to develop the perfect treatment plan to create a beautiful smile.

Previously, dental work – both cosmetic and restorative – was done
primarily with the use of impressions and a bite record. Photos may
also have been provided to a dental laboratory so that they might
have a better visualization of the facial aesthetics.

Dental Technology Near Carlsbad

Dental Technology
Near You

Advancements in dental technology, however, have made better virtual planning a reality. Using photography, video and impression scanners, dentists can perform procedures using digital smile makeover protocols. The computer has made simulations possible with exact color-matching capabilities and computed tomography (CT) images with 3D views of the patient’s help with virtual planning and surgery.

With the use of smile makeover technology, not only are dentists able to provide more beautiful, natural-looking smiles, but patients are able to get a preview of what their improved smile will look like as well.

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