Conservative Dentistry In Carlsbad, CA


Conservative Dentistry In Carlsbad, CA

Conservative Dentistry
for Tooth Restoration

At DeAngelis Family Dentistry, we are proud to practice conservative dentistry in Carlsbad, CA. Also called biomimetic dentistry, this type of dentistry aims to preserve the natural teeth for as long and as often as possible. Compared to more traditional methods, the concepts of conservative dentistry near you can result in greater longevity of the natural dentition.

Teeth restored using biomimetic methods are less likely to need dental treatments such as crowns, endodontic therapy, or potential extraction. Options like permanent dentures or porcelain veneers are considered a last resort, but biomimetic methods can be applied to a wide range of other dental procedures, including whitening, orthodontics, and even routine cleanings. When practicing conservative dentistry, a procedure begins with a careful assessment of the mouth to see just how much irreversible damage there is. A game plan is then formed, taking into consideration things such as upholding the integrity of the teeth and minimizing the chances that such a problem occurs again. For example, for a dental filling, a conservative dentist will remove precisely only the dead or irreversibly damaged areas while leaving the healthy material fully intact.

Conservative Dentistry Near Carlsbad, CA

Conservative Dentistry
Near You

Conservative dentistry methods, and the concepts behind them, help the dentist learn proper tooth decay detection and removal of cavities. These methods also engender a more conservative restoration of tooth structure which more strongly considers the natural design of the tooth. Prevention is key, which is why conservative dentists strongly encourage their patients to keep up with six-month checkups and be diligent with practices such as brushing and flossing.

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