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Common Endodontic Treatments Near Carlsbad

Endodontics and interior tooth health

Endodontists are a specialized type of dentist who focus on interior of teeth. Surrounded by hard enamel, the insides of your teeth contain soft tissue called dental pulp. This pulp connects to nerve and blood vessels in your mouth by way of root canals.

We recommend patients to see an endodontist when there is damage or disease present in dental pulp. Damage can occur from physical injury and weaken your tooth’s structure. Disease is generally caused by bacterial infections and can spread to surrounding teeth and gums if left unchecked.

Common endodontic treatments include cleaning and root canal treatments.

Root Canal Treatments Near Carlsbad

Root Canal Treatments

Treating an infected tooth is preferable to extraction whenever possible. This is the aim of root canal treatments.

During a root canal treatment, an endodontist carefully removes inflamed or infected dental pulp in a tooth’s root canal. Treatment is performed while the patient is under a local anesthesia. The procedure is concluded with a filling or dental crown to seal exposed root canals and prevent disease-causing bacteria from entering and infecting the tooth again.

Successful treatments can save teeth from extraction, prevent the spread disease to adjacent teeth, and protect the surrounding gum tissue. Patients can expect minor discomfort and sensitivity to cold and heat in the days immediately following a root canal treatment.

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