How Does My Dentist Take a Digital Impression?

Written by Dr. DeAngelis

In many areas of medicine, digitization has made dramatic improvements in receiving quality care. This also applies to the field of dentistry. Digital impressions are commonly used at dental practices to create restorations for patients who are considering making minor alterations or a complete smile makeover in Carlsbad, California. They may be used to create dental crowns as well in a single appointment! At DeAngelis Family Dentistry, Dr. Anakarina DeAngelis is excited to offer CEREC same day crowns in Carlsbad. In addition, digital impressions can also be used to create aligners for aligner therapy to straighten the smile or to create full dentures for patients.

How does my dentist take a digital impression?

Digital impressions are videos or photographs that are taken of a patient’s teeth and gums. They are often used to create same-day dental crowns using in-office CEREC technology and CAD/CAM software. To create a digital impression of the smile, there are several steps involved:

  • The dentist prepares the patient’s tooth by removing enamel and getting the tooth ready for the dental restoration.
  • The teeth and gums are cleared of saliva and blood to ensure accurate images.
  • A series of images or a video is made to running an intraoral camera on a wand-like device along the treatment area.
  • The CAD/CAM digital software will then piece together the images and video to create a 3D image on the computer monitor within seconds.
  • The dentist reviews the digital images to ensure accuracy before using to create dental restorations such as same-day dental crowns.

Who is a good candidate for digital impressions?

Our dental team will routinely use digital impressions because they can be easily stored electronically for future access. They are also more precise than impressions made with dental molds as is commonly done in other dental facilities. This ensures better fitted restorations. Anybody can benefit from digital impressions and may be a viable candidate.

Why might I need a dental crown?

One of the most popular ways in which the CEREC digital impressions are used is to create same-day dental crowns. Dental crowns offer an extra layer of protection and strength to an impacted tooth. Other dental practices require two appointments and the placement of a temporary crown, while the use of digital impressions and CEREC CAD/CAM software allows for same day creation and placement. Dental crowns might be needed in various situations. Sometimes, if a patient has a very large cavity, a crown is placed to offer an extra layer of protection. Dental crowns are also made to place over the abutment of a dental implant to act as a false tooth. Patients who have had root canal therapy may also need dental crowns to protect a tooth that might become weak after the treatment has been completed. Your dentist will let you know if a dental crown is beneficial for your smile.

What are the benefits of CEREC same-day crowns?

There are several benefits to using CEREC technology to create same-day dental crowns, porcelain veneers, inlays, and onlays. Below are just a few of the advantages this technology has over more traditional, manual methods of treatment:

  • Creating digital impressions requires extensive training to ensure precision results
  • Fabricating dental restorations in a single appointment while patients wait
  • Precision restorations that fit properly into or onto the natural tooth
  • Fast and effective care for patients in need of dental restorations for emergency dental situations
  • Natural-looking restorations made during one visit to the dental office

Want to discuss digital impressions in more detail?

Connect with Dr. Anakarina DeAngelis of Carlsbad, California today to learn more about the benefits of CEREC same-day dental crowns and digital impressions. She is a dentist in Carlsbad that is open to new and current patients. Call (760) 444-5507 to schedule an appointment at her facility, DeAngelis Family Dentistry, conveniently located at 6010 Hidden Valley Road, Suite #105.


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