Denture Alternatives in Carlsbad

Written by Dr. DeAngelis

Denture Alternatives in Carlsbad

Are you missing several-or all-of your teeth? For years, dentures in Carlsbad have been the tried-and-true solution for replacing all of your missing teeth at one time. Today, there are other options besides dentures to choose from. Being familiar with various denture alternatives and designs can help you enjoy added confidence when you plan to restore your smile.

Different Types of Dentures

Depending on your preferences, some of our dentures in Carlsbad are more streamlined and secure than a traditional, full “plate.” For example, a partial denture only replaces the teeth that are missing and snaps into place next to the healthy teeth you still have.

There are also implant-supported denture options, such as “overdentures” or implant-retained prosthetics. These look like traditional full dentures, only they clip onto 2-4 implants to help hold them in place throughout the day. You still remove them at night, but you won’t need any type of denture adhesive in the day to keep them in place.

Best Denture Alternatives

What options besides dentures do you have for replacing several teeth? Dental implants.

Modern dental implant designs make it simple to replace as few or many teeth as you need to, even if you’re already wearing dentures. Depending on how many teeth need to be restored, we can install single implants with crowns, implant-supported bridges, or a fixed “All-on-4” implant prosthesis.

All-on-4 is the best alternative to dentures because it’s:

  • Permanently secured in place
  • Streamlined to feel more comfortable
  • Easy to eat and speak with
  • Made to function like anatomical teeth
  • Looks attractive and natural

Once All-on-4 implants are installed, you have a permanent row of teeth in that upper or lower arch. Never again will you need to take your “teeth” out at night or risk the embarrassment of your “plate” slipping out of place when you’re talking.

What is an All-on-4?

All-on-4 implants are a type of denture-bridge hybrid. The streamlined, thin appliance follows the contour of your smile. Unlike dentures, it doesn’t cover the roof of your mouth.

Each All-on-4 appliance is permanently anchored with as few as four dental implants. Each implant is placed at a strategic point in your jaw, maximizing the healthy bone density you already have. Since implants are stronger than natural teeth, they’re capable of supporting the chewing and biting force of multiple teeth at a time. That’s why as few as four implants may be needed in total.

Living with Dental Implants

Since implants are conservatively designed, they look and feel more like natural teeth than dentures do. Caring for them is simple; all you’ll need to do is brush, floss (or use a water flosser), and plan regular checkups with our Carlsbad dentist every six months.

Once your implants are completely integrated, you can eat whatever you want. No food is off limits.

An added benefit of implants is that they help strengthen the bone in your jaw. Whereas dentures place pressure on your tissues and may contribute to gradual “shrinking” in your jaw and facial profile. Dental implants do the opposite. Since they encourage healthy bone tissue, they almost postpone the premature aging we frequently see associated with tooth loss.

Affordable Alternative to Dentures

Dentures are usually the most economical choice when you’re replacing multiple teeth. Although there may not be a cheap alternative dentures, there is a more cost-effective solution.

Since dental implants can last forever, they offer the best return-on-investment of any modern tooth replacement. So long as you care for them properly, you can typically expect our Carlsbad implants to last the rest of your life.

Both our implants and dentures in Carlsbad are financially accessible, as we offer flexible financing plans for all budgets and treatment needs. From single tooth replacement to full-arch rehabilitation, there’s an affordable, budget-friendly solution for everyone.

Implants and Dentures in Carlsbad

Find out more about different types of implants and dentures in Carlsbad to pick the one that’s best for you. You have options besides dentures and partials. Call DeAngelis Family Dentistry today to request an appointment!


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