Is Teeth Whitening a Safe Choice?

Written by Anakarina DeAngelis

There can be a host of reasons as to why your teeth are not as pearl-like and white as you would want them to be. As we grow older, our teeth can become discolored due to age, the foods we eat, and the habits that we have, but that doesn't [...]

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4 Reasons to Go to a Dentist for Teeth Whitening in Carlsbad, CA

Written by Anakarina DeAngelis

Most people what whiter teeth, the brighter the better. For those who always want to look their best, having a dull or yellow-looking smile is just not an option. To achieve that Hollywood glow we recommend you skip over-the-counter bleaching treatments and go straight for professional teeth whitening in Carlsbad instead. [...]

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Keeping Our Patients Informed: The Facts About Dental Implants

Written by Anakarina DeAngelis

We know that it can be hard to weed through the myths associated with lesser-known dental procedures such as implants and get the facts. Word of mouth or a Google search may not always provide reliable information. You need to know what’s what to be able to make informed decisions [...]

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