A Dental Approach to New Year Resolutions for Your Smile: Composite Fillings

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Composite Fillings

What’s the popular approach to New Year’s resolutions? Most people make New Year’s resolutions to save money, travel, or conquer something related to their health, weight, or diet. But, if you’ve always wanted to fix your smile, there’s no better time.

Several options are available for people who feel like they have “bad teeth” and want to fix them, such as composite fillings.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Composite dental fillings can be used as an alternative to traditional metal restorations. A white filling is made up of small pieces of polymer or glass and does not contain visible metal compounds. When you smile, nobody will know they’re there.

What are the Benefits of Composite Fillings?

It can be overwhelming to choose between the different types of dental treatments when you have a cavity or broken tooth. In fact, some patients can feel pressured by their dentists to choose one type of treatment over the other. We believe each person has the right to make an informed decision about their care. Staying informed is the best way to choose the best treatment for your smile. That being said, here are three reasons composite fillings are beneficial when you’re treating active tooth decay.

  1. Composite fillings are less invasive to your tooth structure. The tooth-colored composite material bonds directly with your tooth surface. This means that only the decayed enamel area is removed before the filling is placed. Silver fillings require that the tooth structure be “cut out” to create a wedge that will hold the filling in place. But composite fillings allow more of your natural tooth to remain intact.
  2. Composite fillings are made to match the color of your natural teeth. A composite filling can restore your tooth’s natural appearance and give it a healthy, natural texture once the decay is repaired. But amalgam fillings leave dark spots on the enamel and cause amalgam tattoos, which is why they’re not recommended for use in the front teeth. Composite fillings are carefully matched to the tooth, so they blend in and are almost invisible.
  3. Composite fillings are more versatile. White dental fillings can be used to fix parts of teeth that are not possible to treat with silver fillings because of the strong bond they create. Composite fillings can be used on smooth areas of the front teeth and chipped tooth edges.

Prepare Your Smile for a Healthy Year with Composite Fillings

Once you’ve consulted with Dr. DeAngelis and had your composite fillings put into place, there are things you’ll need to do to maintain your smile in the year ahead.

DeAngelis Family Dentistry in Carlsbad, CA offers many restorative options in one convenient location. We can help you replace your old metal fillings with new composite ones or other cosmetic restorations. Even if you aren’t eligible for a composite filling, you can still discuss other options like onlays, inlays, and crowns.

Replacing your old leaky fillings can help you save money before a tooth breaks or abscesses.

With regular dental check-ups, our Carlsbad dentist can help you prevent most problems, saving you money in the long run. After all, most dental concerns are preventable with good home care or early intervention. Be sure to have your teeth professionally cleaned about once every six months. Our hygienists use special tools to reach difficult areas and remove plaque and tartar that your toothbrush left behind. This helps to reduce the chance of developing decay in these areas. We’ll also provide you with appropriate tips on cleaning those spaces and reducing your risk of dental disease between checkups.

If we do see any areas of tooth decay, minimally invasive white fillings can prevent those cavities from spreading into adjacent teeth. Early intervention is best for your smile, so don’t wait until your tooth hurts before you treat it

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