Why do my dentures not stay in place?

Written by Dr. DeAngelis

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If you live in the Carlsbad, CA area and have traditional full dentures, you may find yourself experiencing issues with them. Though dentures have come a long way over time and are a popular and economical way to replace all the teeth in the dental arch, there are some times when patients experience difficulty with fit and function. Dr. Anakarina DeAngelis is a family dentist in the area who can help patients understand why their dentures won’t stay in and can discuss possible solutions to help maintain a fully-functioning smile for denture wearers.

Reasons why your dentures won’t stay in

Though dentures are custom-made for patients, there are some reasons why they may still not fit properly or remain in the smile as desired. Below are just a few of the common problems associated with dentures that won’t stay in place:


  • Poor fit. You must work with a provider such as Dr. Anakarina DeAngelis, who has experience in making dentures fit properly and can provide regular adjustments to ensure they function at their best and stay in place.
  • Poor seal. Suction is the primary way in which dentures are held in place. Getting a good seal against the ridge of the gums is essential and can be aided with the use of denture adhesives.
  • Increased bone loss. When you’re wearing dentures, your jawbone will be impacted as well. Without teeth in place, the jawbone can shrink, resulting in bone loss that can change the fit of long-term dentures.

Solutions to help your dentures stay in place

Today’s high-quality dentures are designed to fit snugly over your gums, allowing you to eat without pain or discomfort. But if you find your dentures don’t fit correctly, they could slip out of place and rub against your cheeks. This problem even affects some people who have had their dentures for years. We understand that some of our patients may have difficulty keeping their dentures in place, and we work with patients to find options that can help. Here are four solutions that should assist in keeping your dentures firmly in the smile:

  • You can try using a special adhesive paste or powder. As long as the material is comfortable on your gums (and doesn’t irritate them), it might provide enough stickiness to hold your dentures in place all day long. Just be sure not to use too much, or the adhesive might irritate your gums, which could lead to mouth sores.
  • Your dentist may ask you how you are storing your dentures at night. You should always avoid wearing your dentures while sleeping because they can cause alteration of the shape of the mouth over time. Your time needs to rest and recover after long days of wearing dentures. Overnight, our team recommends that you keep your dentures stored in warm water or denture solution to keep them from drying out, as this can also cause changes in their shape and fit.
  • Relining the dentures may need to be done periodically. This is a process of adding plastic around the denture base to help them fit better after bone loss or changes have occurred. This may need to be done regularly if patients experience a significant impact on their bone structure.
  • Alternatively, some patients may want to talk to their dentist about upgrading to implant-retained dentures. Implant-retained dentures use dental implants along the dental arch to hold in a more conservative denture that fits onto the abutments. Many patients love using these implant-supported dentures to ensure their smile’s proper fit and function. Patients who are the best candidates for these dentures are those with minimal bone loss or those considering bone grafting.

Visit a dentist in Carlsbad, CA to learn more about dentures and denture care

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